Remember - Safety By All, For All

Health & Safety

At Tanknology SA Petroleum Solutions, the health and safety of our staff, clients and any person who may be affected by our daily operations, as well as the environment and property are our number one concern. We strive to set the standards for safety within our industry and conform to the highest culture of safety throughout our business.

In the pursuit of our overall business objectives, the goal of everyone in our company shall be:

  • To protect and maintain the health and safety of all our employees, customers, suppliers and the public.
  • To protect the environment from any significant impact or our present and planned operations. 
  • To protect our assets and facilities
  • To comply with legal requirements in local and other regulations
  • To ensure correct authorization of non-routine work
  • To identify and prescribe the required precautions and controls for safe execution of the work
  • To tell people working on the job about the:
    - Job Hazards and potential Consequences involved
    - Precautions required to complete the work safely
  • To tell operators and other persons on site about:
    - Non-routine and hazardous work being done on site

In summary it can be said that Health and Safetyis essentially a communication process. The process is designed to ensure:

  • Identification of, and focussed attention to, task associated hazards, threats, and potential consequences;
  • That effective control measures are prescribed to manage hazardous work;
  • That competent personnel are nominated to actively supervise hazardous tasks;
  • That a well documented record of the process is available as a checklist and as an audit trail

Retail High Risk Activities

Ongoing Risk Assessment and Analysis of operations, historical events and Industry Safety Statistics show that the following activities associated with Retail work are High Risk and require constant vigilant management focus in pursuit of our goal of NO HARM TO PEOPLE, ASSETS and the ENVIRONMENT:

  • Working At Height
  • Electrical Work
  • Storage and Handling of flammable liquids (Fuel delivery to site storage tanks and dispensing to customer vehicles and containers)
  • Excavation Work
  • Demolition Work
  • Hot Work in “Hazardous Areas”
  • Confined Space Work
  • Asbestos Work

 All of the above are also strictly regulated in Local Health and Safety legislation and require provision of specific Safe Work Practices to ensure compliance with the Law but ultimately to preserve human life. The Permit to Work System is a system of Safe Work Practices and because it is provided by the “Employer in the interest of Health and Safety of Employees” it is deemed to be part of the Law and its requirements MUST BE ADHERED TO.



Now, Lets Talk Safety

  •  Hard Hats - A must for all Tank Techs on ALL sites (daily use).
  • Reflective Vests - A must for all Tank Techs on ALL sites (daily use).
  • Gloves - A must for all Tank Techs on ALL sites (daily use).
  • Safety Boots - A must for all Tank Techs on ALL sites (daily use).
  • Eye Protection - A must for all Tank Techs on ALL work sites, where pump/dispenser inspection is required and/or line testing (daily use).
  • Organic Respirator - A must for all Tank Techs on ALL sites where confined space is necessary (daily use).
  • Fall Arrest Harness - A must for all Tank Techs on ALL sites where elevated/working at heights is required (daily use)