Tanknology SA Petroleum Solutions (Pty) Ltd


International Accreditations


  • Third Party Accreditation – Ken Wilcox Associates
  • National Workgroup on Leak Detection Evaluations – NWGLDE
  • B.A.S.E.E.F.A. approval (Intrinsic Safety Standard Eex ia IIC T4) (Certificate No. Ex91C2432X/1) for electric and electronic equipment used in hazardous zones.
  • Independently evaluated by the American Midwest Research Institute to confirm that it meets the stringent US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) performance standards required for tank testing methods.
  • Independently evaluated in the UK by ERA Technology Limited to confirm that the test equipment and system meets all known UK regulatory, safety, and performance standards

National Accreditation


  • House of Safety
  • Chevron Self permitting Contractor
  • Pragma/Shell Accredited